Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Two Sides of the Abortion MD Slaying

Not my favorite topic but I have not yet heard the MSM discuss the motivation behind the slaying of Kansas abortion MD, George Tiller. They are all afraid of discussing how the accused murderer, Scott Roeder, justified his criminal action by taking one life so thousands of others can live (so the argument goes).

We hear the detectives state how they "will investigate this suspect to the Nth degree -- his history, his family, his associates." Okay. To what end?

The way this is being covered is ensuring all anti-abortion folk are on trial.

Those that perform late-term abortions have always be targeted. They know they are targeted. The government knows they are targeted. What will happen now is that millions and millions will be spent on investigating and infiltrating anti-abortion groups hoping to stop the next possible slaying. Point is, this is very rare. It is not in the best interest of anti-abortion groups.

Anti-abortion people see abortion as murder. Pro-abortion people see it protecting a woman's rights and an unborn child's rights are trumped by a woman's rights.

Bottom line is that Sunday was a sad day for two families. This one act is not going to solve the issue, only make polar opposites even stronger in their beliefs.

All crime has motivation, no matter how insane, but let's at least talk about the motivation of the other side. (Wasn't it Nephi that did something similar?)

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