Saturday, June 06, 2009

Rising Gas Prices...All About Inflation

Prices at the pumps continue to increase. Demand continues to be down, flat at best. Oil barrel production is stable. Oil refining is a down. The dollar is weak and will continue to weaken. The USA's credit risk increases.

The Obama/Geitner monetary policies over the past 5 months are inflationary. $3 per gallon will be here in a couple of months; $4 per gallon in 2010; $5 gallon after that.

When you spend trillions you don't have and print money like there's no tomorrow, inflation is the reality.

For all the goodwill associated with Obama, his disastrous monetary and fiscal policies should sink him. It is sinking America. It is making America just another big country with a crappy government. Sad to witness. But Americans apparently want mediocrity; they voted for the posser.

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