Monday, June 15, 2009

Authoritarianism Is Almost Impossible to Reign Back

The WSJ is one of the few MSM outlets that is examining the consequences of federal government intervention into the economy. The Obama administration claims the cure is worth it. I doubt it.

Hundreds of billions for money market guarantees through the Fed, mortgage-based securities holdings through Treasury, bank guarantees through the FDIC, equity investments in banks by the Fed, commercial-paper loans to companies, life insurance company owner, two car company owner, credit source for car buyers, the list goes on and on.

Government spending is often evaluated as percent of GDP:

-- at or below 10% prior to WWII
-- over 40% during WWII
-- around 20 percent since WWII
-- around 30 percent now, heading upwards.

What's wrong with this analysis is that GDP has increased year by year, more or less. If government becomes too burdensome, especially at the levels we see, GDP will not continue like it has. Fifty, 75, 100 percent governbment spending to GDP, a la Japan, is realistic with this leadership and direction.

The drastic and rapid actions Obama and his Democratic Congress have taken since January, all in the "best interest of the American people," have been done under the auspice that "the cure is better than the disease" and there are "some entities that are too big to fail.

Obama and the Presidency has been given broader powers as if the 'king' knows what's best for his subjects. We have seen this through 200 years of fascist history. We see it today in Venezuela, Russia, and Argentina. Authoritarianism in the USA has been ramping up for years, regardless of the party in control. Obama is just ratcheting it up to out-of-control levels.

Once power is yielded to the executive branch, regardless of why, it is tough to get back. It is unlikely this will ever be reigned in. America has embraced socialism, against the will of the people. The reason is that most have no idea what this means -- there are not enough informed voters to change this fact. Obama won on the backs of the ignorant and the self-absorbed, with a little help from idiotic Republican insiders. The freedom we have known for over 225 years, is gone, never to return in most of our lives.


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