Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why Must Michael Savage Fight Alone?

Love him or hate him, Michael Savage is a force for conservatism. When Britain placed him on a national "banned from Britain" list, along with known criminals and racists, one would think fellow conservative would have rallyed to the cause.

I have listened to Savage on and off for the past 7-8 years. I don't always agree with his methodology and his treatment of callers, but he is true to his beliefs. I have read four of his books; all great reads. He sticks to a solid foundation of borders, language and culture. He is not a racist. He has never espoused violence.

His banning has found a welcomed rallying point for British conservatives. With the problems with Labour, this migh help the Tories might find their way back into parliamentary leadership.

However, what really angers me are the other conservative talk show hosts in America. There must be some unwritten rule that say they cannot comment on a "competitor." This issue is core to the freedom of speech argument, assuming there is one.

Where the MSM will spend an inordinate amount of time on Miss California's statement that marriage should be between a man and a woman, they are quite absent with blatant mis-characterization of Savage and attempts to silence the opposition. I am embarrassed and disappointed in Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hanity, Michael Medved, Glenn Beck for lack of coverage.

Each of these conservatives has taken a a step back in my eyes. I have always known that Rush is one of the more selfish men on radio, but I did not think the others would join him.

Way to go Savage. You are not alone. Now we know who are those loyal to the conservative cause.


Anonymous said...

Why is Michael Savage not a racist? You served an LDS spanish speaking mission. Have you heard his rhetorics regarding people of South American heritage? What did you feel for the people you served and taught?

Why is conservatism righteous in society? Isn't moral conservatism a personal issue, not to be forced upon other people? Michael Savage is an ignorant, rude bigot.I´m amazed that he could have retrieved all of those degrees and still be against most of what the inellectual world have summed up with. and yes, I've taken part of his theories, they do not correspond to general academic theories in the fields,I know. Freedom of speech? well, there are other countries that have freedom of speech, like mine. But since my country´s base of values are based on Christian values, it is against the law to as a public person, publicly speak or write degradingly of people based on race,ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation. That is how Hitler gained power. SErves SAvage right to be banned from Britain!!! I know you might think I might be a socialist since I'm a Swede, but you are pretty wrong. Sweden is also listed by the U.N. to be the worlds most un-corrupt, transparent country in the world

I am a moral conservative person but I wouldn't force it upon anyone else. I can only act as good example with my family and let the spirit do its part.

- Latter Day Saint living in Sweden

Hayes said...

Thanks for your comments. I really do appreciate your thoughts and your willingness to share.

Savage is not ignorant nor a bigot. He is rude, certainly.

Having read many of his books, Enemy Within, Savage Nation, Liberalism Is A Menatl Disorder, Political Zoo, I know where he is coming from. A bigot he is not. Opinionated, certainly.

The notion of a "public person" is deminished with modern media. We are all public, some with more followers than others. He does not violate any American laws with what he is saying.

Sweden is a nice country. I have some great colleagues there. But a homogeneous society of 9 million is very different than a heterogeneous society of 300 million like America.

A strength of our nation is its diversity. We are a nation of immigrants. Savage is of Russian-Jewish decent.

You are accusing Savage and like-minded peope as bigots. History shows a different story. Consider the fascists of the past 200 years from the Rouseau France, to Nazi Germany, Mussolini's Italy, Wilson's and Rosevelt's America. Obama is right there with them. They all have practiced eugenics, not Savage.

Forced beliefs is not a premise of most conservatives, Savage included. The problem is that the govt here -- state and federal -- go against the will of the people.

A recent Gallup poll here said that 40 percent of Americans claim to be conservatives; only 20 percent claim to be liberal. But liberals are running this country. He and most conservatives here are angry with the direction the nation is going.

BTW, give me a break about this anti-So America/Latin America crap. I have great love for those people. The question is a legal one. It is illegal to enter a sovereign nation without proper credentials. We are a nation a laws. Is if fair for the tax payer to pay for the millions of illegals' schooling, healthcare, crime costs, etc?

Anonymous said...

Then,I am glad you love those people you served. That's the most important thing!

Although, I must correct you on one point. Sweden is a very diverse society. (I am of mixed descent. My mother escaped from communist China) and for instance, my city alone has received more Iraqi refugees than America and Canada combined. America is a great nation to have set example of being a land of fulfilling hopes, dreams for those who seek refuge...I absolutely love the US and its people and I am grateful to the US being the choice nation for reestablishing the Gospel.

keep on the debate!