Saturday, May 23, 2009

Under The Sea 3D: Global Warming Propaganda

Watched Under The Sea 3D at the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City today with a group of family members. Certainly nice photography but with a political agenda.

First there's Jim Carrey narrating and then the whole man-caused global warming message.

Species have disappeared for millennia and new one's are created. Survival of the fittest is a sound principle. If a plant or animal cannot survive warming water or greater acidification, is it one nation's responsibility to fix it, provided it could be fixed? (They blame it on the U.S.)

I get so sick of the propaganda the left spues on the young and ignorant. They get it at school, from Hollywood, from TV, from all over. The earth warms and cools. Man interacts with the environment. He needs to do so in sound ways, not in lunatic ways the left would have us think we need to.

The film maker spends an inordinate amount of time, especially at the end, with the cute, cuddly sea lions frolicking in the kelp as the "if man does not does something, these creatures will no longer exist" message resonates with the viewers.

Save the sea lions. Save the planet. Man is bad, everything else is good. Enough to make one heave. I was thinking Al Gore would be making some concluding remarks. Pure rubbish.

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Ryan Van Wagoner said...

I find it repulsive when a family film sports a political agenda. If they want to produce propaganda, they shouldn't disguise it as entertainment.