Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Social Security and Medicare Bing Drained

I get sick every time I hear about Social Security and Medicare. Bernie Madoff was a criminal for running an investment Ponzi scheme, but the federal government has gotten away with it for decades.

We don't need to read the New York Times to know that the funds going into these massive entitlement programs is going in at a smaller rate. they will run out of money sooner than expected.

Certainly my parents are benefiting from the programs today -- they spent a life time working and contributing. But for me and my children, very questionable if we will get out what we put in.

I get more cynical every day. I just don't know why anyone thinks bigger government is better. They ruin just about everything they touch. I have given up on them years ago.

The sad thing is that in my older years, provided I make it to them, I just may have to select between treatment or no treatment. Better stated: the government will make that decision for me if I cannot pay for it myself. That's the way it works in every other nation in the world.

Socialized health care, by definition, means rationed health care. It becomes second rate.

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