Friday, May 01, 2009

Obama Infatuation -- Phooey

I do not get the infatuation people have with Obama, his wife, his cabinet. I have heard some stating that he's the best thing that has happened to our country in generations.

Sure, Democrats have got to be happy. He's pushing every major government program that has been lying in wait. He is implementing a 100% socialist form of government.

I am not sure why people think we are better off as citizens with Obama and with what he has done in his first 100 days from CNN and from the Conservative Oasis. There's no doubt he has done lots. But I do not feel better, more free. Quite the opposite. I know there will be much less money in my pocket and much more government involvement in my life. I do not like the fact that he has nationalized many large players in key industries. I do not like the debt he continue to pile up. His monetary and fiscal policies will bankrupt this nation. Not sure how that's good.

With his 59, going to be 60, majority in the Senate, he can do anything he wants. He can appoint his wife to the Supreme Court, Hillary Clinton, any liberal of his choosing. He will appoint a liberal, not a so-called moderate. Why would he?

When you have an electorate that feels capitalism is better than socialism by only a slight margin, you know where we are heading. There is little to stop it.

Only the shallow will give politicians rock-star adulations. It is in the Democrats favor to keep the masses ill-informed. (Our public school system is doing a good job at that.) Ignorance is our nation's worst enemy. The lack of understanding of economics, business and history continue to gnaw at our heels to our national detriment.

I approved little of what George W. Bush. He presided of the death of the Republican Party (I left it during his tenure). He was a failure as a president on so many fronts. As the libs hated George Bush, I have a great distaste for Barack Obama and his administration. I have to turn off the news when he speaks. I really dislike him.

Everything he does and stands for is in complete opposite of what I believe and hold dear. He is a sheep in wolf's clothing. I do not know when an anti-Christ will manifest itself on our national stage, but he has all of the characteristics.

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