Friday, April 03, 2009

Food Stamps Recipiant Math Does Not Ad Up

When I read that one in every 10 Americans received food stamps, my first reaction was "that's a lot of people." But when you see the latest unemployment number, 8.5 percent of the people that are deemed eligible for unemployment insurance, the numbers do not add up.

That 8.5 percent is not based on total Americans. The number of people unemployed is 13 million -- people out of work that want to work. The number on food stamps is 32.2 million people.

One would expect a certain percentage of the newly unemployed to seek food stamps. But that does not cover the size of the number that actually receive food stamps. many are habitual users and abusers.

I am not a big fan of government subsidies. But I realize we have lived in a growing socialist society ever since the Wilson Administration. So these social safety nets are to be expected. People need to eat, despite many people's lack of preparation for the time when they are out of work.

The food stamp dilemma is somewhat analogous with the housing problem. Those people that saved their money, made a fair down payment on a house they could reasonably afford, and lived within their means, are left out of the government's bailout programs. It is mainly the irresponsible that benefit. Is there any difference with food stamps?

There is massive food stamp abuse and fraud, from people buying expensive meats and seafood to those receiving assists where it should not be provided. Many of the recipients drive nice cars, have the full cable TV package, and are stocked with ample soda, alcohol and tobacco products.

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of people that merit food stamp assistance. But there are many in the system abusing it. Ten percent or 32 million is too many, at least twice as large as it should be.

It amazes me that so many people think government is the answer to our social and economic woes. The government is incompetent in just about everything its does. It cannot run a a food stamp program, it certainly will not be able to run an efficient health care system.

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Imee said...

The 8.5% unemployed means people out of work that want to work. -I never realized that until you pointed it out... I always thought that when they write unemployment numbers it included those that didn't have work, period. So yeah, the food stamps to unemployment ratio isn't really adding up properly.