Thursday, April 23, 2009

Celebrity Adoption

Adoption for most people is about bringing a child into a loving, nurturing home. People adopt for a number of reasons from biological necessity to general urning for a child.

However I question some of the recent spat of celebrity adoptions. If seems that they are doing it more out of a popularity content -- staying in the news.

When we adopted our fourth child, from Khazakstan, we were given the third-degree by the state. There was an extremely long process that including a social worker coming in and interviewing each of our other children. The dossier process was long and cumbersome. They seem to go out of their way to discourage the action.

It does not bother me that celebrities want to adopt, but it does when their motivation is selfish. More often than not, these are working mothers. The child will be raised by nannies/au pars. The child will have lots of material wealth, the best education, etc. Great. But the end result, as with most celebrity off-spring, regardless of the method, the resulting adult will be a loser just like its adopting parent(s).

This single parent adoptions are also a bit on the extreme side. They also are for selfish purposes and never have the best interest of the child in mind.

All together, they give adoption a bad name. That's what bugs me.

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