Monday, March 09, 2009

This Blogger Is Pro-Limbaugh

For those that have read this blog for the past five years know that I am pro-Rush Limbaugh. That has not changed with all of the negativity associated with Rush, even with some of the comments expressed by some of the conservative bloggers.

The reason people dislike Rush is because he is right. They fear him.

There is no real Republican leadership. There are certainly no political leaders representing the conservative agenda. Rush has become the spokesman de facto (no interest in becoming the spokesman de jure.)

The liberal bloggers think he is arrogant and beating a losing agenda. Rush certainly has an ego. He is a very selfish person. So what? Aren't most political and media personalities selfish? His agenda is not a losing agenda because it has never been implemented.

The last conservative leader was Reagan. G.H.W. Bush and G.W. Bush were not conservatives. Bob Dole and John McCain were not conservatives. There are no conservative "leaders" in congress. There are certainly some conservative Representatives in the House (there are no conservative Senators that I am aware of -- neither Utah Senators are) but they are not leaders...yet.

The conservative agenda is not dead. It is the Republican agenda that is dead. The Republicans have spent too much time trying to be centrists. There has been little difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. What we have seen is the liberal side of the Democrat Party assuming its agenda and leadership roles.

Rush's message has always been clear: lower taxes for all, smaller government, strong military, capitalism works (if the government gets out of the way), and trust in the American people.

Rush is right, that's why he succeeds in his craft.

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Rachel Hauck said...

Right on! Rush is right. :)