Thursday, March 12, 2009

Family Values Have A Place In Russian Society

An article in the 12 March issue of the Moscow Times caught my attention: "Family Values Take Over Empty Billboards."

Pre-Lenin and Communist Russia was a very family-oriented culture. The agrarian and working class treasured their family relationship, from the youngest to the oldest.

Lenin's mistress, a fellow socialist revolutionary, organized an all-woman's conference. It was her hope that the female masses would embrace their new destiny, turn the raising of their children over to the state, and contribute to the revolutionary as "real workers" not mothers and homemakers.

The socialist revolutionaries knew that a key to their success required the destruction of the traditional family. The community would provide all that was required.

We all know that Lenin's revolution was "successful" for 75 years. All socialist governmental systems have at their root the traditional family destruction. Obama, Pelosi and Reid no different.

Isn't it ironic that after all this time, we hear Putin advising Obama not to do down the socialist path and we see billboards in Moscow touting family value? Talk about full circle.

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