Monday, March 23, 2009

Draper Utah LDS Temple

Yesterday, President Thomas S. Monson dedicated the new Draper Utah LDS Temple, the 129th temple in the world, the 12th in Utah.

The temple was open for any one to visit for the past two months. Sunday afternoon, after a three-day series of 12 dedication sessions, the final session was broadcast live to all the LDS stake centers throughout Utah. It was open to temple-worthy members 8 and older.

My wife and I attend with our youngest daughter, while our oldest son attended in Orem, and youngest son attended at the MTC.

I have been to other dedications, and like those, the talks were short, focusing on the benefits of temples and regular attendance. The dedicatory prayer was to the point.

Now, as a dedicated temple, only members with a current temple recommend can enter and participate in the ordinances therein (not secretive but sacred).

As members of the Church, we are blessed to have so many temples so close to so many. Growing up in Ohio, the nearest one at the time was in Salt Lake City (now there is one in my home town). For many, the cost and distances were so great that attending was financially prohibitive. Where that is still a problem is some places of the world, much less so today.

Nothing secretive happens in a temple dedication, but it is sacred to us. You can read about temples from third parties and from the Church.

It was a an enjoyable and uplifting experience for all involved.

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