Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Taliban's Free Reign in Western Pakistan

Pakistan has allowed for self-determination in the Pakistani Swat valley, making way for them locals to establish a Taliban sanctuary and suspending a faltering effort by the army to crush the insurgents.
Pakistani government officials insisted the truce with the Taliban and the switch to the Shariah, the Islamic legal code, were consistent with the Constitution and presented no threat to the integrity of the nation.

Pakistani officials have recently argued that a truce was necessary in Swat because the army was unable to fight a guerrilla insurgency and civilians were suffering in the conflict.
The sad part is that in local elections a year ago, the people of Swat voted overwhelmingly for the secular Awami National Party. The democratic losers, the Taliban, singled out elected politicians with suicide bomb attacks and chased virtually all of them from the valley resulting in hundreds of thousand fleeing the area.

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