Monday, February 16, 2009

Presidents Graded

A C-SPAN survey of the last 43 US presidents yielded some interesting results.

The list of survey participants included historians and professional observers of the presidency -- at least they did not question the public at large. Few Americans could voice an educated opinion on the matter.

I take issue with the top ten. I would put Washington #1, Lincoln and Reagan in the top five, but would have had FDR and Wilson closer to the bottom ten.

Those voting were obvious liberals. Collectively Wilson and FDR are the founders of modern liberalism. They began the ramping up of the federal government and the beginning of people's dependency on government for their well-being. They did their best to remove self-reliance as the American way.

Some people will view greatness in a president as demonstrating accomplishment. I claim that if presidential accomplishments makes us more dependent on government, increases our tax burden, and discourages achievement, then that president was a failure.

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