Saturday, January 31, 2009

Social Media Marketing An Hour a Day

Dave Evans's 2008 book Social Media Marketing An Hour a Day provides a step by step approach for a novice social media marketer to learn about the Web 2.0 world and to figure out how to leverage some of the options out there to help enhance your firm's image and bottom line.

What is unique about this book is that he provides the read with a series of worksheets to record your thoughts and findings as he takes you through a series daily activities.

Following through on a small portion of his suggestions will open up a whole new world to the social media novice.

All of the social media marketing options are not for everyone; for example, it might not behoove you to set up your own MySpace, Facebook or Twitter profile but a blog or a forum for your customers might.

It is worth a read if Web 2.0 is brand new to you; might be a bit light for the person who is already immersed.

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