Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Services in Beirut

On Sunday, a colleague and I attended the Beirut (Lebanon) Branch. I did not know the Church existed in this part of the world. They are part of the Amman Jordan District that includes Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt.

The Branch had about 30 attendees (out of about 45 members in the area we were told). Services were in English for the most part with some Arabic on occasion. They did all of the block meetings in 2 hours -- one Sacrament speaker.

Very friendly Saints. They love the gospel. Some of their conversion stories are worthy of books or short stories.

It was interesting to hear them discuss in Sunday School the need for a free land with a divinely-inspired constitution to facilitate the restoration of the gospel.

There were a few ex-pats present including a young gal from Washington and another from Alaska -- living the Middle Eastern experience.

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