Saturday, January 31, 2009

Secrets of Social Media Marketing

Web 2.0 is generally those Web tools used to facilitate communications between mutually interested parties -- blogs, forums, videos, audio podcasts, social web sites. Paul Gillin's new book Secrets of Social Media Marketing helps describe how "online conversations and customer communities" can help drive business your way, regardless of size or scope of the operations.

The key to any online business presence begins and ends with understanding your buyers. I have found it a fun and rewarding experience to spend the time evaluating our targeted customers. I often feel like a criminal profiler as I look at the number of potential buyers in the target, their location, age, render, race, family status, education, work environment, values, personality traits, attitudes, emotions, opinions, reference groups, environmental factors, lifestyle, media preferences, and media perception. Educated guesses but only after interviewing/talking to a number of them.

Paul's book does a good job highlighting the "secrets" of social media marketing. The secret is that marketing is still the same, it is only the vehicles used to reach your targeted markets have changed. With the tools available over the Web, your marketing efforts will become more exact at the same time cheaper.

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