Saturday, January 31, 2009

Radio Advertizing Can Work for the Right Markets

I recently did some test market radio advertising in Utah and Ohio. I was a bit new to the media and decided read a couple of books on it. My hope was to be a little wiser and I put together the story board, identified the best radio stations for our targeted audience, and as I worked with my radio station account rep.

Michael Corbett's book The Ruthless Rules of Local Advertising and the Mass Media Corporation's "Radio Advertising Does Not Work." Say Who?.

The books provided me with the information I was looking for. It provided me with the terminology and processes that I needed to get a better grasp around the issues and industry.
A key lesson I took from these books is that if radio seems to be a tool that will help you reach your target market(s), then it is something that should be consistent within your marketing budget. Running a campaign for a week or two and concluding you did not get the results you were looking for and then abandoning the program is impetuous.

Radio is not for everyone but it does work for some businesses in some targeted markets.

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