Saturday, January 31, 2009

The New Rules of Marketing and PR

David Meeerman Scott's The New Rules of Marketing and PR is an excellent book for just about anyone who is involved in promoting a business -- from the sole consultant, small ma & pa outfit, or start-up to the large multinational.

I still marvel that many firms have no web site or really poor web sites. Regardless of your industry or size, having a Web presence is critical to your customer relationship. The Yellow Pages may work for tires, HVAC, plumbing but for the bulk of us, we are found via the browser.

A business needs to be found in order for business to occur. People search or browse -- they want a site to tell them something they did not know. Authentic content helps establish credibility and to build the business' brand.

A web site needs to be more than information about your product and service and your contact information. A web site needs to spur some action by the visitor -- buy, scribe, apply, donate, request a quote, ask for more information.

Visitor arrive at a site at different stages in the buying process -- early/just looking, narrowing and ready to buy. The site needs to address all stages of this process.

A site that tells stories that the targeted market can relate to will engage the visitor, get them to stay longer, read more and think harder about buying from your business.

The New Rules of Marketing and PR goes into great detail about how blogs, podcasts, vodvasts, forums and discussion groups can help establish your credibility and become more attractive to the search engines.

A great web site is not going to hide a poor product but it will allow for a good product to be found by those in the market for your particular offering.

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David Meerman Scott said...

Hi - I just saw your thoughtful review on Amazon too. Many thanks for taking the time to write about "New Rules."

My new book "world Wide Rave" will be released late February.

All the best for your success. David