Friday, January 16, 2009

MTC - A Wonderful Experience for Parents

This week, we dropped our second child, this time a daughter, off at the MTC. It was our experience that taking a daughter is much different than taking a son.

Sons often go more out of duty, not to say they don't want to go, but they know it is something they need to do at age 19 for two years. Daughters are not asked to go, but are given the opportunity if they want to go anytime after age 21.

Our daughter had spent 1.5 years away at college and six months in England as a nanny / au pair. She learned to engage the Church more so than if she were nearer home. The decision to go was heartfelt. I think it helped that her mother and many of her aunts have served full-time missions.

The MTC experience is warm. Parents and siblings know they are turning over their sons or daughters to those that have a great love for them. For the next 18 months, she is in good hands.

It is a stark experience to arrive, drop-off their luggage, take a few pictures, gather in a welcoming meeting with the MTC presidency, say your goodbyes, and they go out one door and everyone else goes out a different door. It is an experience all LDS parents will always cherish.

Her mother and I are so proud of her. We admire her and her love of the gospel and her desire to serve. She'll be a great missionary.

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