Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Democrat Cabinet Nominee Hearings Are A Joke

We clearly see a double standard with respect the Congressional hearings for some of Obama's cabinet nominees. Swap the party and neither Senator Clinton or NY Fed President Timothy Geithner would stand a chance of getting confirmed.

Mrs. Clinton defines conflict of interest. Her partner in crime's foundation have collected nearly $500m in donations over the past decade from a Star Wars / Hellboy II collection of characters. Not all of them are just well-wishers, hoping nothing in return. The list of shading givings are are long as a dirty shirt sleeve, from African and Middle Eastern nations to European and Latin America.

They (the foundation) can receive donations while she serves as the Secretary of State and they are not required to make them public, unless they are new or larger than previous donations. This is a great system for the country's principle negotiator.

Geithner is nothing more than a criminal, committing crimes associated with the role of Treasurer he will be sworn to uphold. He is a tax dodger and an immigration law violator. He only paid his taxes when he got wind of this appointment. There is no way this man should be confirmed to any cabinet post. He should be removed from his job as one of the Fed presidents as well.

Every one of those that supported Obama for president should question his decision-making. Even before he is sworn in, his bad decisions are becoming lengthy. It is obvious he has surrounded himself with some read dolts, as he makes most of these appointments after consulting with his advisers. He already needs a shake-up of his core advisers.

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Browan said...

Keep swingin' buddy. Your showing your foolish bias. Geithner corrected in full the tax error without compultion. If you feel the concern of his housekeeper is criminal action worthy of barring him from public service, I sincerely hope you spoutted vitrol and slander about Romney and his choice of contractors.

It's sad to see fellow Mormons lulled into upholding the most criminal U.S. administration ever, still anxious to call good evil and evil good.