Monday, November 10, 2008

Republicans ... Moving Forward?

Most every one's predication came true this past week: the Democrats won the Presidency for 2009-2012. Specifically Barack Obama garnered 53 percent (65.8 million) of the popular vote to John McCain's 46 percent (57.7 million). Obama had a landslide in electoral delegates 364 to McCain's 163.

Obama ran a good campaign, hammering on McCain's record of voting with Bush and ensuring four more years of the same old rubbish. Who can't be glad that we have seen the end of the Clinton's on the national presidential stage?

McCain ran a terrible campaign. It was unlikely he could have won if he had ran a good campaign. He was just not the man moving forward. He represented the past. A war hero certainly, but a poor senator, a poorer yet Republican and definitely not a conservative. When a Republican abandons his/her conservative core base, he/she is bound to lose -- actually deserves to lose.

I am not a huge fan of Governor Palin but I do think the national media and many inner-circle Republicans have been disrespectful toward her. She was put in a no-win situation from day one. She has only been a governor for a short time, in a small state, far removed from Washington DC (which is a good thing). Her knowledge about foreign affairs, high finance and military operations were non-existent or minimal at best.

They brought her in to 'shore up' the conservative base. It helped in some cases. However, we should remember, we are primarily voting for a President, not a Vice President.

The Republicans have a long way to go if they ever want to win another Congressional majority or Presidency. They were just lucky that the Democrats put up such losers like Gore and Kerry, giving Bush two terms.

There are no inspiring Republicans in the immediate future. Palin's a soccer mom that has been able to figure out Alaskan politics. Kudos to her. She might have a role in the future but not in 2012.

The current batch of Republican leaders have nothing to offer. Until they clean house, they will be losers.

Although liberalism and socialism are growing in popularity, the bulk of Americans want lower taxes, strong homeland security, strong military without lengthy deployments, and economic stability. Conservative is the answer in America.

It can only be accomplished within the Republican Party (of which I am not part of). It will require wholesale leadership changes, not by the old and reformulated leaders but new one's that are not so hung up on self-aggrandizement.

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