Monday, October 06, 2008

Political Tendencies Have an Odor

I spent a long weekend in Denver with my two sons, a nephew, a brother-in-law, and a couple of his family members and a friend. We went up to Boulder for the Colorado-Texas football game.

Boulder drips with the stench of liberalism. One expects this in college towns -- young people doing this and that, finding themselves, nothing that needs to be conserved ... all that crap. But this was different. The whole town reeks of it.

At the stadium, most of the students were drunk. The girls could only be described as skanky. The adults -- alumni, faculty, etc -- weren't much better.

In the town center, the stores, restaurants, street "entertainers," the get-out-the-vote crowd, are all firmly in the liberal camp. They have their Obama retail stores and posters. I am sure if they would have know that I was of the conservative persuasion, they would have seated us last and in seats with splinters.

My boys sensed it to, and they are of that young mindset. They are wise enough to know what's appealing and what if not, at least to them. They clearly got a glimpse of liberalism. It is all pretend -- surface, feel-good non-sense. Liberalism is easy. It's that "if it feels good, do it" mentality. That attitude from the 60s -- the anti-establishment mantra.

I am sure there are some great people in Boulder. There are great people just about everywhere. I am just glad I don't live there among their haughty, liberal attitudes.

Likewise, they would not feel comfortable in northern Utah County. Being segregated like that suites me just fine. I have no plans of moving there; hopefully they will not move here. Agreeing to disagree is just fine with me.

Having traveled to all but two or three of our states and to over 25 country, I have an idea about government policy and how it impacts the lives of its citizens. America has become every bit as liberal as Europe. Whereas this social structure may work well for some; i.e., the Europeans, it is not to my liking. It was not the foundation of this great nation. The winds of change are not just blowing, we are in the midst of a storm. A calming is unlikely in the foreseeable future.

Because liberalism is easy and liberalism prays on ignorance, our educational system is turning out liberals at an enormous rate.

Regardless of who wins in November (I still feel Obama will win in a landslide because McCain is such a lousy candidate), the liberal agenda is marching forward. The Republican Party is no better. Its track record is clear on that. It is hard to see the appeal of that Party, given its members' actions and results. We all know what the Democrats stand for. However, when both Parties continue to move left, there is no sizable place for true conservatives and libertarians.

Despite the tens of thousands of people in Boulder, I fell very alone. That's the lot us conservatives find ourselves in. We can try to make a difference, but doing anything with the current structure is a losing proposition.

The notion that the Republicans must lose in order to win again, is based on a faulty premise. They do not offer a viable alternative. The small masses that care in conservative principles is shrinking. The bulk of that group will shortly draw the same conclusion. I pray I am wrong.

BTW, the Buffs stinks; the Longhorns annihilated them.


Anonymous said...

I grew up in the Priesthood and went to the MTC.
You are a moron my friend. You jusge things without even knowing their value or meaning. I don't care if your conservative or not, you don't speak for all mormons. Obama is a good man ! Go spew your negativity somewhere else. Or better yet, read alma, and humble yourself....

JH said...

Obviously you are not a practicing Mormon now. No one grows up inthe Priesthood and just goes to the MTC. You are entitled to you opinions; and I never said I speak for all Mormons. This blog contains my thoughts and commentart -- a Mormon (just one) on politics. this is where I "spew my negativity;" that's why we have sites like this. No one is holding a gun to your head to read it.

Though I do appreciate your time and thoughts.

PS, not sure why you are so swayed by a politician, any politician. Lots of people love Hitler, Mussolini, Wilson, FDR. Does not change the fact they were all facisists. Obama will attempt great facisist programs, be assured.