Monday, October 20, 2008

Credit Crisis and Global Warming

You have to admit you have thought about this: with the governments the world over bailing out banks and tying its money up into long-term insurance policies, their ability to pay for global warming measures is doubtful.

Does it make sense for federal governments to mandate expensive green-house emissions controls, taxes on fossil fuel consumption, or to implement a painfully expensive and fraudulent cap-and-trade energy usage system?

According to the 10/16/08 article in the WSJ by S. Power and L. Abboud (pg A11), UN, European and American bureaucrats and legislatures feel it is a difficult issue to address during these difficult financial times.

You can bank on the fact that any fees associated with cap-and-trade pollution permits would go to bigger government programs, diverted to the latest catastrophe or disaster.

Apparently the so-called global warming problem is only an important issue if we can afford it. As if a group of multi-trillion dollar government programs are really going to make a difference.

The fact that the bureaucrats and environmentalists are questioning their timing on this issue clearly demonstrates how false their claims are.

I thought global warming had to be addressed immediately at all costs or global disaster was inevitable and that all coastal area would be underwater?

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