Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Unplanned Pregnancy ... the Missing Discussion

A major topic of discussion during this week's Republican National Convention, after Hurricane Gustav mellows, is the announcement on Monday by Alaska Gov. and McCain VP running mate Sarah Palin announcing the pregnancy and engagement of her 17-year-old daughter Bristol (to an 18 year old high school senior).

Certainly there is not a parent that does not have empathy for Mr. and Mrs. Palin and their daughter. And it certainly is a family matter.

It has been interesting to listen to the pundants: "a parent that cannot control her own child certainly cannot run a nation;" or "why doesn't she have an abortion?" There are many options to consider.

Apparently the young girl is opting to marry the father and raise the child. The LDS Church's stance on this is as follows:
When a child is conceived out of wedlock, the best option is for the mother and father of the child to marry and work toward establishing a family relationship. If a successful marriage is unlikely, they should place the child for adoption. Placing the infant for adoption helps unwed parents do what is best for the child. Adoption is an unselfish, loving decision that blesses the birth parents, the child, and the adoptive family.
The missing question that should be asked: is raising the child with a teen husband the best option for the child; for the couple?

The burden is heavy upon the young man to obtain his education and to find gainful employment, all while providing for his wife and new child. Without help from the couple's parents, the adoption option looks strong.

But like most people, they feel they can do it better and feel obligated to raise the child themselves. In this case, it may work out. But I'd at least like to see the MSM mention the possibility and to ask candidate Palin the question: why not adoption?


Anonymous said...

Ms. Palin's decision to place for adoption is absolutely none of yours or anyone else's business. That decision is hers and hers alone. Having said that, I tend to think the decision to marry was probably due, in some part, to political pressures to "do the right thing."

In the LDS Church's stance, I don't see anything that says if the birthmother is a teenager, it should be an automatic adoption. According to the LDS Church's stance, it looks like this young lady is doing the right thing.

Until the birthmother decides to place a child and chooses the family for that child it is no one's business but hers. Once she chooses a family, then that family can reverently and hopefully move forward in prayer and faith. If we believe even a little bit that our Father in Heaven has a hand in adoptions, then we must also respect the birthmother's right to change her mind. Even if that brings pain to the adoptive couple, then by faith we must accept that birthmother's decision and move on.

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