Saturday, September 20, 2008

Deseret Peak

Deseret peak is a 11,031 foot peak in the Stansbury Mountains, in western Utah, near Grantsville. I hiked the 8.5 mile loop this morning starting out at 7418 feet and climbing the 3600 vertical feet.

This mountain range and its tallest peak are little known and little explored. (See SummitPost for details on this hike.) I did run into some Boy Scouts who seem to like to camp along the road leading to the trail head. Only a few made it to the top -- maybe a bit tough for 12-13 year olds.

The weather was cool, but not too cool. I went up the South Willow Creek trail -- a real good trail all the way to the top. I hiked in t-shirt and shorts until I arrived at the saddle. The wind was intense and cooler. I moved behind some tree clumps and put on some wind gear -- a necessity in the mountains regardless of the weather forecast.

I am not a real fast hiker but I made it to the summit in a little over 3 hours. Instead of returning the way I came up, I opted for the Pockets Fork - Dry Lake Fork trail. It also is a clear trail but it has some real steep areas. In some spots, the trails is very rough. I got rained on once.

Hiking is great exercise and a great way to escape the man-made world and to experience God's creations. Hiking and climbing a summit, even though it is just an 11,000 foot peak, is both challenging and rewarding.

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