Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Russia Back in Cuba

With all of the attending these days on China, it is interesting what is going on in Russia. Russia is loaded with raw energy -- oil and massive reserves of natural gas. The amount of money flowing into Russia, unfortunately into the hands of a handful of oligarchs and the governmental intercircle.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has
called for renewed ties with Cuba as Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin disclosed a deal to sell passenger jets to the island nation. "We need to rebuild our positions in Cuba and other countries."
According to Andrei Klimov, deputy head of the International Affairs Committee at the State Duma, lower house of the parliament:
"Russia should take advantage of all its capabilities to protect its national interests, including the interests in the field of security. Russia should 'own its supporting points' in different regions in the world. Cuba's location has geopolitical importance and a presence in both economic and military affairs must be built in America.
Russia is taking advantage of a global changing situation due to energy and financial problems -- problems much more prevalant in America.

Why America listens to political diatribe over energy interdependence, alternative energy sources, environmentalism, conservation, car tune-ups and proper tire inflation (as national energy strategies), Russia is exploiting a strategic advantage is has over the West -- its domestic energy positon.

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