Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Win for Limbaugh and Conservatism

Drudge broke the news. Rush Limbaugh signed an eight year deal with CLEAR CHANNEL and PREMIERE RADIO in the $400 million range.

Rush as been the leader of AM talk radio for 20 years, occupying that coveted 12-3 pm (EDT) / 10am-1pm here in Utah. He spent some time talking about it today.

The MSM/liberal media can't believe it. Many are appalled. Others are just jealous. How can some conservative radio guy be worth that much?

It is telling that the business community is willing to make the investment in Rush. His ideology, methodology, and entertainment value are rewarded. The conservative message sells. The liberal message does not.

Traditional news outlets -- from the New York Times, Chicago Tribune and LA Times are failing miserably. There is nothing compelling from an educational standpoint.

The American public puts its time and money where it matters. They do not value the traditional media outlets. Their biased agendas are clear to most, although they think they present unbiased programing and content.

Liberalism, in the journalistic sense, fails. Their insiders do not write for their audiences, they write for each other.

I could not be happier for Limbaugh. Sure he is egotistical and self-aggrandizing. But his message is clear and his delivery is spot-on. If he makes that much money, then many of the other quality hosts will also benefit.

I don't listen to them all; but know their content. I quit listening to Sean Hannity three years ago -- no insight, very predictable, not entertaining. I rarely listen to Glen Beck, Laura Ingraham or Bill O'Reiley for the same reasons. I do listen to Michael Medved regularly, Michael Savage often, and Rusty Humphries occasionally. Some of the other hosts I like listening to include Jason Lewis, Joe Soucheray, Lars Larson and Hugh Hewitt; but they all require Internet streaming, as they are not on the air in Utah.

The main reason conservative radio (and conservatism in general) works is it is based on logic. The reason liberalism does not work on the radio (and why it should not work in real politics) is that it is based on emotion. Conservatism requires thought and analysis; liberalism is based on ignorance and false premises. And because a large number of voters are ignorant, the liberalism and their populist spin sells.

Rush won one for the good guys today.

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