Friday, July 04, 2008

U.S. Constitution

Every July 4th, I make a point of reading the U.S. Constitution. It helps me re-gain an appreciation of our Founding Fathers. It reminds me of what our freedom means. It clarifies what is complete rubbish in the public sector and what is core to our actual rights, not liberal, media made-up rights.

A few years ago, I toured the National Archives and saw the Constitution along with our other key historical documents that were on exhibit. A touching experience.

Earlier this week, I asked two of my college classes, by a show of hands, how many of them had read the U.S. Constitution. In one class, none; in the other, two. I challenged each of them to take 45-60 minutes and read it this weekend.

I am amazed, I guess I am not, that people in their fourth year of college, have never been required to study the key federal documents. I was not required to do it in all of my formal schooling. We all successfully made it through our public school system without the experience.

It is telling that most of our educational institutions make it optional. There are some things that should be mandatory as part of a person's education. How can you really say you are a college graduate, ready to take on the world, and have never read the cornerstone of our freedom?

The liberals and those hoping to enforce their agendas on the masses certainly know this. Ignorance is critical to their plan. Our schools systems do a good job keeping us ignorant on the most important information. Without this crucial knowledge, how can we ever expect wisdom to reign supreme?

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