Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sun Hills Golf Course

Recently, I played 18 holes (walked it) at Sun Hills Golf Course in Layton, Utah. It is not bad -- not overly long, easy rough, decent tee boxes, fairways, fringes and greens. They have some watering and sprinkler issues because the have a large number of dry spots. I actually played okay, shooting an 82 on the par 71 course. I had fun and enjoyed a hot day in the sun. But there is something interesting and unique about the course: Hill Air Force Base.

About every few minutes, an F-16 Fighting Falcon or A-10 Thunderbolt II takes off and lands. It you have ever heard an F-16, they are loud. The base is just to the northwest of the course. The jets take off to the north. The engine sounds are directed toward the course and the nearby neighborhoods. Which is to my point: why does anyone live in that Sun Hill neighborhood?

I have a student in one of my University of Phoenix marketing classes who said he lived there growing up. He said you "get use to it." I don't know how you can get use to it. It is unrelenting; it is loud, very loud.

All I can say is that the homes must be very affordable. They appear to fit that "starter home" category. I doubt many people plan on living there any longer than it is financially necessary.

Oh, I forgot to mention, the neighborhood and course are on the way to the Layton dump.

Play the course, just don't live nearby.

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