Thursday, July 17, 2008

MSN Anchors Part of Obama's Iraq & Afghanistan "Posse"

It is about time. The MSM has tossed in the towel pretending they offer biased news and political coverage.

As Obama takes his dog and pony show to Iraq & Afghanistan, part of his make-believe posse are none other than the leading news anchors from the the major TV networks: NBC's Brian Williams, ABC's Charlie Gibson and CBS's Katie Couric.

John McCain has taken three trips to Iraq & Afghanistan this year. He was not accompanied by a single network anchor.

Now we must prepare ourselves for their touchy-feeling stories (assuming anyone with a brain watches their telecasts). We'll see hospital visits, interviews with American and coalition pro-Obama soldiers and officers, merchants telling pro-Obama liberalist sob-stories, Iraqi police stating how they want America out of Iraq and that they can handle it on their own, and of course a visit to a madrasah coupled with an interview with the nicest students and imams you could ever image.

Obama will not get a single difficult question from the three talking-heads. Political posturing lead by three of the media's biggest posers.

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