Friday, July 11, 2008

Iranian Missiles and the World's Response

Iran's anti-western propaganda has been going on for nearly 30 years, ever since the fall of the Shah in the late 70s and the American hostages incident. They have thumbed their noses at the West and the UN for years. They have elected to pursue their nuclear agenda despite protests and sanctions.

Their latest "show of might" is bad propaganda. Shooting off a few older missiles that could reach Israel is nothing more that bad theater.

We hear many, namely on the right but not exclusively, that feel we need to take decisive, preemptive military action against them and their nuclear facilities.

We hear other who think everything will be just fine is we just sat down with them and talk over coffee.

In most cases, America is unable and unwilling to fight foreign wars. Opening up another theater of operations in addition to Iraq and Afghanistan may just push the services to the breaking point. Causing more contention in the oil rich region is going to hurt Americans more than it is going to help us.

I do not think it is in America's best interest to preemptively strike Iran and engage in the years of follow-on activities. I do not think Iran is stupid enough to launch a major missile attack against Israel. If they did, there is no reason to assume Israel will retaliate gently. Israel is not going to play a tit-for-tat retaliation game. The potential destruction in Iran could be quite severe. America must support its ally.

America's position should be to push for sanctions of all industrial-related technologies and equipment. America should promote open trade of all consumer goods. We want the Iranian people on our side. Sanctions rarely work -- those you hope to penalize do not feel the pain. It is the average citizens that suffer.

If Iran is going to change, it is going to change from within. America needs to promote that strategy. Aggressive military actions of a preemptive type would be the wrong thing to do.

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The Reasonable Christian said...

Unfortunately, Ahmadinejad couldn't care less about sanctions of any kind. He has been preparing his country for the end of days and the coming of the Islamic Messiah or Mahdi. To suggest that sanctions of technological equipment would make any difference would assume Russia would be party to these sanctions. I don't see that happening. Something must be done to disarm the nuclear threat that is imminent under the current administration. To allow Iran to obtain only a few nuclear weapons would mean the Iranian President would use them...regardless of the consequences. And a small country like Israel simply could not withstand such and attack. Iran, being the worlds foremost state sponsor of terrorism, cannot be allowed to continue its nuclear program regardless of the cost. Great article on how close they really are:,7340,L-3566491,00.html