Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Two More Years of THIS Congress

We have all read or heard the stories about the all-time lows this current Congress, voted into office (new or successive terms) in 2008. A mere 13 percent of American approve of the job Congress is doing.

However, in a recent WSJ/NBC poll, by a 52 percent to 33 percent margin, people would rather see the Congress voted in office in 2008 are Democrats. As Gerald F. Seib stated on page A2 of the 17 June 2008 WSP:
Thus, it appears that people hate what Congress is doing, and are demanding two more years of it.
He makes a few suggestions as to why:

--For the first six years of G.W. Bush's term, Congress was lead by Republicans. [They did a crappy job.]
--Voter may think the Democrats have not had enough time. [This is rubbish; they have accomplished nothing, thank goodness.]
--Voters still believe that the President calls the shots, not Congress. [Ignorance abounds -- the danger of that "every-vote-counts" concept.]

Republicans have failed because they have failed to implement conservative principles. They have tried to be all things to everyone, supporting traditional liberal policies while telling their conservative base how important they are to them.

McCain, whom I loath, is doing the right thing by distancing himself from Bush. He is banking on the independent votes and that in the end, the conservatives will pull the McCain lever on 4 November.

Republicans running for Congress will try a similar approach, but will fail. Congress will add more Democrats to their elected ranks. We will see two more years of idiotic leadership from the likes of Pelosi. (Note, I am not saying a Republican would be any better; we'd have the Gingrich and DeLay experiments.)

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