Monday, June 30, 2008

Spain's Officially the Greatest

In Simpson's lore, these national soccer matches are a battle to see which nation is the greatest. Tongue in cheek, we now know it is Spain, who beat Germany 1-0 in the UEFA Euro2008 final in Vienna on Sunday.

I have watched most of the UEFA Euro 2008 soccer tournament that took place in Switzerland and Austria. There were some amazing matches. One cannot help with be impressed with the efforts shown by the Russians, Croats and Turks.

I thought the Dutch were the team to beat. The Germans are always tough. The French and Italian teams are too old. The Czechs and Portuguese were disappointing. Although favored, the Spaniards always seem choke on the international stage. But not this year.

This team has a large number of young players, players that have not been indoctrinated as chokers. Although they knew their nation's football history, they ignored it, opting to make their own.

As a Liverpool FC fan, there's a strong Spanish influence on the national team. The winning goal scorer, Fernando Torres, has already become a Mersyside legend. Now he's a Spanish one.

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