Monday, June 02, 2008

Democrats in a Lose-Lose Situation

This less-than-democratic Democrat race is "priceless." If the November campaign is half as good, we are in for interesting reading and radio.

The party rules and by-laws leaders placed themselves in a tough predicament when they came up with their superdelegates. The premise has come back to haunt them: Democrat voters are not smart enough to nominate a candidate that can win the U.S. Presidency every four years.

I have no sympathy for Florida and Michigan Democrats. They goofed. The parties can set their primary rules. Both states knew the rules and elected to break them. You can't blame Obama for not campaigning in Florida and not getting on the ballot in Michigan. To assume all of those delegates' votes belong to Clinton because she won those states' popular vote, would be an outrage. Re-voting was not a viable option. The half-delegate vote solution, as ugly as it is, seems the only reasonable option.

It seems obvious that the party hawks are tired of the Clintons. The recent Vanity Fair tell-all article shows how a once Clinton proponent has turned against him (them).

Obama is not Clinton. Sadly, this is his main trait from the party insiders' perspectives.

My wife takes the position: anyone but a Clinton. Many conservative share her opinion. In fact, she has quit listening to Rush Limbaugh because of his Operation Chaos strategy. Too close for her comfort.

Obama, like Clinton and McCain, are terrible options. Obama has a ton of shortcomings. He'll be on the defense for the next five months. Take away his scripted posture and he is mediocre at best. If elected, he will be the most liberal leaders this nation will have ever experienced. McCain is not as liberal but he will still do more harm than good for the nation. For example, the energy cap and trade bill the three candidates are on board with is possibly the worst economic program this nation has ever considered, right there with socialize healthcare. (More on this in the upcoming weeks.)

This presidential election was the Democrats to lose. They are doing everything they can to make the unlikely happen. The thought of John McCain winning the presidency seemed as unlikely as the Tampa Bay Rays being in first place on 1 June, little own the World Series.

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