Friday, May 23, 2008

Texas Court Makes the Right FLDS Decision

Here in Utah we get daily if not hourly updates on the FLDS saga that has been transpiring in San Angelo, Texas. From day one, today's out come seemed inevitable.

A Texas appeals court said authorities had no right to seize more than 460 children in a raid on the group's compound last month.

The initial complaint aside -- looking more like a ruse from an ex-member hoping to get back at the group (succeeding) -- marrying girls under the legal marring age, often times against their will, is an issue. But to assume these mothers are carte blanche bad mothers could not be further from the truth. Of all the children seized and moved to foster homes, there were only a handful on teenage girls that fit the reason for the raid.
The Department did not present any evidence of danger to the physical health or safety of any male children or any female children who had not reached puberty.
Their religion does have some questionable elements, mainly due to our legal system. Polygamy is accepted in some societies, just not in America.

I personally find polygamy a tough lot. It breeds jealousy and contention between wives. It has some uncomfortable sexual connotations -- a middle-aged man marrying a 16-18 years old is a bit strange. I am sure the man is fine with it but I doubt the young lady is all that thrilled.

The practice also forces out 3/4s of all the males -- tossed out because they are not needed. If the ratio of male-to-female births is 50:50, and a typical male eventually marries 4 women, there are too many males (lost boys) for the colony. That must be a tough thing for their mothers -- a necessary action in their eyes.

It seems that governments everywhere think they know best...that they know how everyone should be raising their children. Just because a belief system is different than the surrounding norm, does not implicitly assume that FLDS children are placed in physical danger by their parents.

Once this family matters settles, the law suits will be forth coming. With a good legal effort, it seems the odds are in favor of the FLDS. From the broad search warrants to the state's "collect them all" actions, the state of Texas is not looking good. They learned something from the 1993 raid on the Branch Davidians in Waco (don't use armed force), but apparenly not enough. They blew this one.

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