Thursday, April 24, 2008

Operation Chaos

For those of you that listen to Rush Limbaugh, you are very familiar with his Operation Chaos (O.C.) (I am a Dittohead: one who likes the show, wants him to keep doing what he does, but not necessarily agreeing with his positions; although I agree with him most of the time.) O.C. basically consists of having Republicans register as Democrats so they can vote for Mrs. Clinton, allowing Obama and her beat up each other, spend gobs of money and set up McCain to win in November.

I think Rush's ego has gotten the best of him. I think he thinks his plan is having a major impact on the Democratic race. I am not so sure.

In the Wall Street Journal, they said that in PA, 10 percent of the people that voted on Tuesday were newly registered Democrats. Now some of these were Republican that wanted to vote Democratic, however, we have no idea how many of them actually were promoted to do this by Limbaugh. (Perhaps a bigger issue is that only around 50 percent of the register Democrats actually voted in PA. Why did they elect to say home, given all of the hype of this primary?)

I am a fan of Rush but I think he has over estimated his pull in creating this "temporary switch-party" action. I estimate that most of his listeners are not scared by Obama, rather are very fearful of Mrs. Clinton and her husband. Another four or eight years is too close to a reality. Her win will benefit Rush but not the country.

Never underestimate a Clinton; they will do any and everything possible to win. Although the numbers are against her today, her ace in the hole is the super delegate option. The super delegate role is to pick the person who will win in November. The Democrat Party does not allow its mainstream voters to make this decision -- they are too dumb to do the right thing.

Although Obama won just ten fewer delegates in PA than Mrs. Clinton (after all that spending and hype), Obama is choking. When he first appeared, he appeared polished...a modern JFK candidate. However, in the past two-to-three months, his true colors have shown. His politics are extreme. Is past is tainted. His voting record is as liberal as it gets. He has proven to be a goof-ball without a teleprompter. He is a terrible extemporaneous speaker. He makes George W. Bush look good. He has no new ideas, just touchy-feely hope rantings.

Today, I am convinced that he will get creamed by McCain in November. I think the super delegates are coming to this same conclusion. But they are not sold on Mrs. Clinton either, due to her high unfavorable opinions.

In a year that should be a slam dunk for the Democrats, they have allowed two pathetic candidates to make their way to the possible nomination.

I just figured McCain was just another Bob Dole...a long-time party man given his day in the sun only to go down in defeat.

If he wins, it will not be because McCain is such a great candidate, it is that the other is so pathetic.

Why would anyone want to spend years trying to earn money, stand in front of people making idiotic comments and promises, and sell their soul to every special interests group in the country...the world? It is no wonder we have such losers running for political is a self-aggrandizing profession based on greed and pride.

I have also come to the conclusion that most of our radio talk show hosts have similar pride, promoting themselves and their business.

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