Sunday, March 09, 2008

Republicans Must Run As Conservatives or Loose

Again and again, we see these lifetime Republicans trying to beat Democrats at their game. The populist messaging and "let government solve your problems" are core Democrat principles. Republicans will lose at this game almost every time.

When I read about former House Speaker Dennis Hastert's congressional seat falling into the hands of the Democrats, I had two thoughts: i) he ran on middle-of the road / borderline liberal principles and ii) he ran as a smarter than you, privileged insider.

In the last 15 years the Republican Party has squander a huge opportunity from the House sweeps of 1994 to Bush's two terms in the White House. They had the all of the opportunity to implement conservative principles: smaller government, lower taxes, the burden of success delegated to the common man. They facilitated and ballooned the deficit, increased the size of government, expanded on entitlements and have made mankind more dependent on the government in almost all things.

We do not need this republicrat party (the reason I left the party). We need a party that is true to conservative principles. We need to nominate conservatives, not posers; people who live and practice the conservative values. That's how elections will be won by Republicans (or whatever they are called in the future).

America wants down-to-earth conservatives, not fat-cat lawyers and men / women willing to do anything to win and remain in office, including selling out to special interests and big government / feel-good programs.

That's why McCain will lose in November by a landslide to Obama. McCain represents the old and the establishment; Obama the new and fresh. Unfortunately, ideology will be trumped by polish and eloquence.

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