Friday, March 07, 2008

Israel-Palestine Conflict: Killing Children

I can only assume that everyone has an opinion regarding the conflict between the Jews and the Arabs in Israel/Palestine. I have always been on the side of Israel. It is not because I have a greater affinity for the Jews vs the Arabs, but I look at their actions.

It has also become a defining element of American Conservatives vs Liberals. The Conservatives tend to side with the Jews while the Liberals with the Arabs.

(Note, I refuse to call the Arabs living in the West Bank and Gaza, Palestinians. The entire area is Palestine. These is no difference between the Arabs in Jordan and those in the West Bank.)

The latest massacre at a Jerusalem school points out the wanton slaughter that continues to occur on a regular basis in Israel. The Thursday evening shooting at Mercaz Harav Yeshiva in the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood broke a two-year lull in terror in the capital.

You have Abbas condemning the shootings, but Hamas praising them, if not claiming responsibility.

How does anyone praise the killing of children? There was a party-like atmosphere in Gaza. There was some death to Arabs chants outside the seminary. We all know more Arabs have been killed in this long-running conflict, for obvious reasons. That does not mean they are less guilty of being the aggressors. Peace rests with them and the elimination of the Israeli nation is not an option.

The Arabs hide in churches and school, launching missiles into Israel with the goal to kill as many as possible. Israel has always retaliated with a goal to minimize collateral damage.

How would America respond if say, Native Americas starting launching missiles from one of their reservations into a major city center? I would hope to retaliate with fury. But because of our liberal governments, they would side with the less-fortunate, claiming they did it because of the conditions beyond their control.

Go to Israel and the West Bank. In the former, you are in a highly development nation, albeit small. In the later, you are in a third world. This is 100 percent a result of their incompetent and misguided leadership. They had their chance for peace years ago but they rejected it. They would rather live in filth, corruption and abhorrent communities than to allow Israel to exist.

If they hold out long enough, they may get there. The Arabs will just keep making babies, educating them on "evils" of the Jews, not on serious scholastic endeavors. The Jews will not increase enough in population through natural means to counterbalance the Arabs, although many will continue to emigrate to Israel.

I can also say this: if Arabs children would have been killed by Israeli retaliation, the MSM would report "children were killed." But because they were Jews killed, the MSM report "people killed."

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