Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why Is Congress Involved in MLB?

Sadly, yesterday, Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee were the topic of the day, along with steroid and HGH use in professional baseball.

Apparenly the Henry Waxman-lead House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has nothing better to do than hold public hearings involving a baseball great and a modern designer drug dealer.

Those that follow professional sports have excepted the lying and cheating that goes on in the business. There are few people who believe Clemens who seems to adhere to the George Costanza (of Seinfeld fame) premise: "it is not a lie if you believe it."

Congress has no real business in this mess. It is MLB's business.

We know MLB will not do anything. There are two parties and one of them is lying. We'll never know the absolute truth.

Baseball wants to put this behind them and get it off of the front pages. They sanctioned the abuse for years. Now they are trying to "repent." They have reaped the financial rewards by making legends, breaking records, filling the seats and selling stuff galore. Steroids and HGH have been very, very good for baseball.

I am and will continue to be a fan. However I have no respect for the players, coaches and owners as human beings. They are nothing more than modern-day glaidators -- businessmen willing to do anything to make a buck and maximize their investments. The games is just their vehicle.

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