Friday, February 08, 2008

Voting Goof In Utah County

Super Tuesday in Utah Country did not go as well as many people had hoped. Not because of the outcome but the inability to find the appropriate voting location.

Utah County did not have enough voting locations. People went to their normal voting location only to find out that there was no voting being done at that location for the election. They went to other, past locations only to find out that the workers had no idea where they should vote; they just could not vote at their location, because their name was not on the list.

For those that had hoped to vote after work and dinner, missed their chance to vote because by the time they found the right location, it was past 8pm and the polling locations were closed.

Last fall when we voted on the school voucher issue, t here were many more polling locations. In this presidential primary, the Utah County Clerk failed to anticipate the demand, causing many to miss their chance.
Utah County Clerk-Auditor Bryan Thompson acknowledged, "We just consolidated too much. . . . That was misjudgment on our part."
The clerk's office also did a poor job getting the word out on early voting.

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