Thursday, February 28, 2008

Utah Driving Privilege Card

Utah State Legislature H.B. 171 continues to allow illegals to legally drive a car. They justify the existing promiscuous law by adding some restrictions:

-- Can't use the card to buy alcohol
-- Requires driver to provide proof of auto insurance
-- Can't be used as proof of a person's age for any government required purpose
-- Can't buy or sell certain chemicals / controlled substances
-- Can't use to buy a firearm

It is clear that Utah lawmakers are pro-illegal immigrant. They are not willing to a) encourage the enforcement of the existing federal laws and b) create local legislation that will discourage illegals from coming to Utah.

They'd rather have the fees from the licensing and the associated driving-related tax revenues.

They have thrown up their hands and say "we can't do anything about them so we might as well generate some revenue from them." Cowards!

We need immigrants but they need to be here legally. They must be net-producers, not net-consumers.

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