Thursday, February 07, 2008

Romney Suspends Campaign

Today, Mitt Romney quit his quest for the Republican nomination for the presidency. That leaves America's leadership in the hands of either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama (no real ideological difference) or John McCain. So very scary.

Romney's abandonment makes me mad. Not that he quite but that he screwed up as a campaigner. His "I punt" speech today was one of the better speeches on conservatism we've ever heard. He gave a great speech in San Antonio on the topic of religion.

Why hasn't this Mitt Romney dominated his campaign? He resorted to gabs at his opponents instead of sticking to core conservative principles. Perhaps he is just not comfortable as an extemporaneous statesman. He is certainly polished when given time to prepare an uninterrupted speech.

His speech today at the Conservative Political Action Conference was an excellent speech. He elequently stated how conservative principles are needed now more than ever. He delineated many of these principles:

-- the internal attack on the American culture
-- the attack on faith and religion
-- economic competition
-- energy independence
-- controlling government spending
-- eliminated government unions
-- the threat of violent radical Jihad

These are conservative principles that should be part of a conservative candidate's continuous message. Failure to do this was Romney's key shortcoming. It may have even trumpted the country's dislike of Mormons.

These principles and the Republican Party's strong adherence to them are the only way the Party will ever again be relavent.

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James Smith said...

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