Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Personalities Count in Elections

It is intriguing to listen to the conservative talk show hosts discuss the pros and cons of the presidential candidates, namely John McCain.

There is an obvious disagreement with John McCain's conservative credentials.

When it comes down to it, most people vote for candidates they like. It seems older people tend to like McCain because he served in the military and was a POW. McCain is running an "I'm a military hero" campaign that appeals to some of the electorate.

I personally find John McCain a pandering half-wit. I dislike his politics. I also regard him as a person I cannot trust. He has been in Congress for 25 years and had has done nothing to promote conservatism. He is all about promoting John McCain.

In 2000 and 2004, most Republican's felt they were getting a conservative in George W. Bush. That proved to be wrong. John McCain is a Washington insider that caters to bi-partisanship, which is nothing more than left-leaning policies. He will take the Party more to the left. He has and will abandon the core Republican principles, focusing more on his opponents than on his allies. He is more comfortable with pandering than taking a stand for conservative principles.

Certainly Romney has some image issues -- he's a litle too polished for many. He'd not be someone I'd want to hang-out with. Although McCain is a straight shooter for the most part, he lacks polish and is a manipulating poser. I definintely would not hang-out with him. Both leading candidates have non-engaging personalities; McCain's is a bit more grating.

I will not be voting today because I am not willing to re-join the Republican Party in order to do so. And I will never vote for a Democrat...EVER. McCain will lose in Utah; Romney will win all of its thrity-something delegates. They both know this. The battle between the two is in the larger states where the prize is much greater.

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