Monday, February 25, 2008

Obama Supporters...Wackos

Right before our eyes, we see the pure definition of liberalism in Obama-mania: political decisions / favored candidates based on emotional appeal.

He is running a Bill Graham-like crusade, not a political campaign.

I have listened to Obama supporters trying to explain why Obama is so important to America and why he will make a good president. Everyone of them says something about "hope" or how he will provide hope for people...not really explaining what he (or any politician) is going to actually do.

Everyone of his supporters say they are doing okay but the people are really struggling. Struggling? We have 5% unemployment. We have the greatest standard of living in the world. If someone wants a job, they can get one. There is and will always be under-employment but that's capitalism at its finest: no one say you have to be under-employed forever.

They tell us Obama with help those less fortunate. How? The government will give them money and free stuff. This will be paid for by getting out of Iraq ... an illegal war.

Everyone has the right to free healthcare, despite the fact that the healthcare they have through employers is okay. It is the other guy they are worried about. Such compassion.

Let's let the government take care of people. The government will pay for it.

If it was not for stupid people, Obama would have no following.

PS: probably something like 90+ percent of the blacks will vote for him, not based on merit but based on race, promises and government programs that have failed time and time again from FDR, Truman and Johnson through Carter and Clinton. Marxism does not and will never work. But there are plenty of Democrats that think Castro had it right...go figure. That's the life for me...the Cuban dream, right up there with the Russian, Chinese and North Korean dreams.

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