Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mandatory Pet Sterilization

Los Angeles and its liberal leaders like Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has demostrated how not to address a problem.

On Tuesday, Villaraigosa signed a new law requiring most dogs and cats to be spayed or neutered by the time they are 4 months old.

Is the best way to control the overpopulation of dogs and cats and to reduce the city's euthanization costs to create a new law that forces people to spay or neuter their animals?

Who is going to enforce the new law? Would the city rather incure the cost of policing the implementation and handling the counter claims by people who feel their pet belongs to the exception category?

Is this a law aimed at the poor? I would surmise that most people who do not spay or neuter their animals because they don't want to pay the vet's fee ($25-100). Sure there are some people who just don't care -- but they have greater problems than pet reproduction.

Just because a social problem exists should not trigger legislation.

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