Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Election Results Create Anger in Some

On the Democrat side, yesterday's primary elections were about a wash between Obama and Clinton. The race is a dead heat; additional states are still required to determine the candidate. Clinton is still the favorite because of the red states she will win. That's also why the Democrats will win in November -- they dominate the large, red states and that's all one needs to win the national election.

On the Republican side, McCain was the big winner, all but wrapping up the nomination by winning the large states and taking 43 percent of the Republican vote. Huckabee did okay in the south without spending much money, but he only garnered around 21 percent of the total vote. (Perhaps he has locked up his position as McCain's VP candidate.) Romney was the big looser, despite getting 35 percent of the total Republican vote and spending an enormous amount of money.

As I see it, the Republican effort is nothing more than a big boondoggle. Regardless of who wins, the Democrats will win in November, in a landslide. McCain has a better chance against Mrs. Clinton because of the number of people who dislike her. He will stand almost no chance against Obama. He will appear as the old, established guard while Obama will represent the new and fresh. Obama will make McCain look like a fool in the debates.

There is only one chance where I see McCain winning the Presidency: a major terror or military incident that will mandate a strong and ruthless commander in chief. That will never be a Democrat.

Many conservatives are angry today because Romney lost big. America can handle a woman and a black but there is no way it can handle a Mormon in the White House. Huckabee and the evangelist group have never like Mormons. They never will. It is core to their faith. For the others, including me, Romney is too plastic and rehearsed. His talking points are as boring and uninspired as it comes. (Too bad the Romney of San Antonio speech was not the norm.) McCain is all that's left.

I left the Republican Party last year. I wish I were still part of it but the Republican Party from Lincoln to Reagan has all but disappeared. The concepts of smaller government and lower taxes are gone forever. I have just assumed that governments at all levels will take a greater role in our lives from economics to personal freedoms. Increasingly, the majority of the electorate prefers more European style of government with social programs and economic safety net, regardless of higher taxes.

I will continue to participate in the political process but not within a group I adamantly disagree with. I have always been a fan of the two-party system but that was when the two parties were uniquely different. I'd like to convince myself that the best way to change the Party is within the Party. But that no longer works. The same candidates or prospective candidates come with huge financial backing, either spending their own fortune or selling out to special interest monies. They dictate the party platform and governing actions.

We continue to be presented with candidates that are rich in populism and weak in conservatism. Why should I participate in the Republican Party when I only support a small portion of their platform?

Reagan said that if he agreed with someone 75 percent of the time, that person would be his ally. What about less than 50 percent of the time? That's where it is with McCain. Conservatism will always exist but fewer and fewer people will adopt those principles. Perhaps after November following a Democrat landslide, the Republican Party may reassess its platform. But for the foreseeable future, conservatives are outsiders within the Republican Party, without a true voice and no where to go.

I am not angry just discouraged. I did not like any of the three Republican candidates. I have basically tossed in the towel for the time being and will watch the country become more liberal and experience that feeling of paying more and more taxes and getting less and less in return.

However, I will not sit-out the national election in November. There are still issues that I care about, namely the Supreme Court and the GWOT.

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