Friday, February 08, 2008

Economic Stimulus Package Created By Idiots

The economic stimulus package (HR 5140) was passed by overwhelming margins: 81-16 in the Senate; 380-34 in the House.

I wrote Congressman Matheson and Senators Hatch and Bennett expressing my disappointment in them for their "Yes" vote on the so-called economic stimulous package.

This is pandering and populism at it highest.

It makes no sense to take money from ourselves (in the future) and give it to us now so we can buy stuff, that WE DON'T NEED -- more electronics from Asia.

If you wanted to create an economic stimulous, we would have ALL BEEN BETTER SERVED IF YOU MADE THE TAX CUTS PERMANENT!

Putting us $170 billion more in debt because growth is stagnating clearly demonstrates the ineptitude of our elected officials.

Cut taxes and government programs (entire departments) if you want economic encentives. Think about the stimulus we would reslize if the Department of Labor, Deptartment of Education and the IRS were done away with.

In stead of spending it on ourslves, let's take our $300, $600 or $1200 and give it to a military family, give it to a foreign orphanage, donate it to a charity.

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JMD said...

Great points, I hope people use it to pay off personal debt. At least WE can be financially responsible.