Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Anti-Mormon Christian

According to an NPR report today,
Public opinion polls repeatedly show resistance to putting a Mormon in the White House. Survey after survey finds that from 25 percent to 50 percent of the respondents would not be comfortable with a Mormon president.
It is a given that some elements of society will never accept Mormons. They'll tolerate them but never except. Most of those are from the evangelical Christian community.

Ask any missionary in any part of the world: those who detest and actively "campaign" against Mormon's are evangelical Christians. They preach anti-Mormonism in their gatherings and in their literature. They are the aggressors in the "conflict." Few Mormons will waste their time arguing doctrine with them. They have their beliefs, we have ours.

It is almost as silly as the Shiite and Sunni Muslims -- they both follow the Koran and the teachings of Mohammad but they have no qualms about killing one another.

We Mormons know we are Christians. We strive to be disciples of Christ. If other Christian denominations refuse to recognize us a Christians, then that's their problem. We'll continue to go about our business.

We cannot talk down to Jews, Catholics, Muslims, women, blacks, Hispanics but Mormons are fair game. We will continue to grow and prosper throughout the world. We love our faith, our Savior, our way of life. If others have a problem with it then so be it; we'll prosper without their acceptance.

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