Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Presidential Candidate Bomb

Last night, the Democrats held one of their presidential candidates debates that no one watches. (No one watches any of these regardless of party affiliation.) In short, we are in trouble.

If America elects one of these to the highest office in the land, any one of them will be making GW Bush look like a genius.

The group ganged up on the leader, Mrs. Bill Clinton. According to Clinton, the questioners were also against her. Yea, right.

John Edwards and Barack Obama painted her as unelectable, facilitating war with Iran, untrustworthy, and claimed to have caught her in a political flip-flop on immigration.

She rarely answered a question. We all know what her positions are on each of the issues raised, but she elected to dance, spewing canned diatribe.

Obama was on-queue today with his critique of her less-than-straightforward answers:
"After the most secretive administration in memory, an administration that consistently misled the American people, we need a president who is going to be open and forthright, I think last night's debate really exposed this fault line. Senator Clinton left us wondering where she stood on every single hard question from Iran to Social Security to drivers' licenses for undocumented workers."
I am not sure if any of the other candidates are much better since we know where they stand also. This much I feel very strong about: this election is the Republicans to lose. They need to nominate a candidate that is professional, presidential, and prudent in his/her politics.

The scary thing is that she has a good chance of winning it all, not because of her leadership or policies but because of her husband. Considering Gore and Kerry almost won, I put nothing against this nation electing one of the lowest forms of humanity out there. I see her as a devil in a wrinkled female frame.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Down Year for Hurricanes and Cyclones

The Drudge Report does a good job posting major weather activities and issues. This year has not been the best one for the MSM and their love affair with destructive weather. Likewise, those of the church of the global warmers have not had the weather issues to help them worship properly.

The Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies at Florida State University, a group that is new to me, has reported a "down year" for cyclones and hurricanes in the northern hemisphere.

Hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes, fires, torrential rains, flooding, etc. are all part nature. When they happen as some may claim too frequently, then it is man's fault. When they don't happen, then there is silence on the matter.

Who's to say what's normal? What's normal throughout Earth's 4.5 billion years? According to many, only what our records state...a couple hundred years max. Any "deviation" from the "norm" and if it supports a political or informal religious agenda is man's fault.

I consider myself an environmentalist; but most so-called environmentalist would not. I have college degrees in Biology and Chemistry. I get out into nature on a regular basis be it hiking, backpacking, camping, mountain biking, canoeing, fishing (catch and release). I practice leave-no-trace; in fact I am a Leave No Trace trainer. I control my energy use, what goes into the landfill, and cultivate a garden (my wife does this much more than me).

The Earth is here for man's use and enjoyment. American does quite well in the big scope of things. The challenge we have is to be good stewards of the Earth.

The left would have people believe that the conservatives want to poison our soil, water and air, destroy the flora and fauna, and flood the coastal cities. Yea, that's what we want to do.

The Earth is going to be here long after we are all gone. It is going to do just fine, despite us. Man is not the enemy. Being prudent about development and co-existing with nature continues to be our challenge. But it should be on our terms. Just when we think we can control it, mother nature whacks us upside the head.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Legal Licenses for Illegals

There is something seriously wrong with the Bush administration and states that allows illegal immigrants to get a legal driver's license.

New York, along with Arizona, Vermont and Washington, allow illegal immigrants with a valid foreign passport could obtain a license. This is done with the approval of the Homeland Security Department.

New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer said the deal means New York "will usher in the most secure licensing system in the nation." WHAT?

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said he was not happy that New York intended to issue IDs to illegal immigrants. But he said there was nothing he could do to stop it. WHAT?

They state the licenses will be clearly marked to show they are not valid federal ID. So what's the purpose? They can be used to better identify criminals, perhaps crimes committed with a vehicle? Allows them to get legal jobs, that no America will take [sic], like truck driver? So undocumented immigrants (this is more politically correct) will now drive with a license and go out and buy car insurance? Perhaps the government can subsidize -- why not just give it away -- free car insurance to the undocumented immigrants.

For those of the liberal persuasion, this is one more step to legalizing the illegals. One more step to finding more donkey voters. The more uninformed, government subsidized voters, the better for the Dems. More government. More costs.

The rule of law for the illegal. This is insane.

Friday, October 26, 2007

DREAM Act: Another Bad Piece of Legislation

The Democratic leadership just can't help itself. They continue to attempt to enact legislation that is inherently poor.

What would motivate a group of politician to think it is a national priority to allow illegal immigrants, albeit children of illegal immigrants, to attend college at state sponsored school at in-state tuition rates? They are giving these people higher priority than legal residents.

The Senate failed to garner enough votes to get the DREAM Act to the floor for a vote.

This is another problem with the U.S.'s open border and weak employment enforcement laws. Consider the two thoughts associated with this issue, one a sentimental approach, the other a legal approach:
The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce says, "Our Senate has chosen not to legally recognize children that committed no crime other than obey their parents."

However, according to the Federation for Immigration Reform, "defeat of the Dream Act is an important victory for Americans...the public will not be fooled by efforts to enact amnesty piece by piece."
There are right ways and wrong ways to go about immigration reform; this is another example of how not to do it. Consider some of the bad elements of this failed legislation:

-- There is no upper age limit; any illegal immigrant is eligible for this preference by declaring he entered the U.S. illegally before his 16th birthday. The illegal immigrant doesn't have to prove when he entered the U.S.; he can simply make a sworn statement.

-- The illegal alien would be rewarded with conditional lawful permanent resident green card status, which can be converted to a non-conditional green card. The immigrant can use his new legal status to seek green cards for the parents who brought him into the United States.

-- The student has six years to convert his green card from conditional to non-conditional. He just needs to complete two years of study at a college or serve two years in the military, and if he has already had two years of college, he can convert his green card to non-conditional immediately.

-- The illegal immigrant who applies for the DREAM Act can count his years under conditional green card status toward the five years needed to attain citizenship. That's a fast track to citizenship that is not available to aliens who are lawfully present in the United States.

One can bet on it with high confidence that anything with Sen. Dick Durbin's or Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's name on it is another bad piece of legislation. Everything they do has political and self-serving undertones to it. Their goal continues to be to create as many government dependants as they possibly can through tax-based social programs so they can strengthen their power and voter base.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fires Rage Along with Some Lunatic Politicians

Natural disasters like the current fires in SoCal are devastating:
State officials said that the fires have burned across nearly 600 square miles, killing one person, destroying more than 1,600 homes and prompting the biggest evacuation in California history, from north of Los Angeles, through San Diego to the Mexican border.
Only an idiot like Harry Reid would blame it on global warming and the lack of a comprehensive energy package.

It makes me ill to hear anyone spout "global warming" from their lips. Man-caused global warming is the most bogus political rhetoric we have heard in decades. And it is 100% political rhetoric.

The Nobel Peace Price is 100% political posturing. Al Gore would care less about global warming. He has accomplishing absolutely zero in doing anything about it. He cannot do anything about it. He, along with any government mandates will do absolutely nothing to stem the sun's influence over the earth. One volcano blast could put more CO2 in the atmosphere than a billion cars and factories.

Sure we need to be good steward of the earth, but to assume that man's presence and actions are large enough to impact significant climate change is preposterous.

Maybe good government policy would be do actively control vegetative undergrowth so raging fires can be minimized.

One can live with confidence if you take a position opposite that of the leading Democrats. By doing so, you will demonstrate wisdom, acumen and providence as opposed to ignorance, naivete and recklessness.

I disdain most politicians but those running around leading the Democratic Party are some of the biggest dolts in this country. I guess that's why only schmucks aspire to political office.

Monday, October 22, 2007

e-Commerce Nightmare

Today was one of the e-commerce nightmares. I have been waiting, like most Rockies fans, for the opportunity to purchase their four tickets to the World Series that will be hosted in Denver this next Saturday-Monday (games 3, 4 and 5). The tickets were to go on sale at 10am MDT.

The Rockies Web site never did provide a purchase page. I tried for hours via two computers. Finally, by the afternoon, I learned through Yahoo!, not the Rockies, that the e-commerce site was taken off-line and Series tickets postponed.

So we sit, hoping to get an opportunity to buy tickets, travel nine hours via car, guy a couple of nights worth of hotel rooms and road food.

Rockies have blown this one. They did not provide a contingency plan to an overwhelmed Web site, even if the site is not their or managed by them. It has their name on it.

They have not even said when the site will be back, tonight, tomorrow morning, afternoon, etc?

Very disappointed. Hoping for four tickets; not optimistic.

Update 10/23/07: World Series tickets went on sale at 12:00 MDT today. I tried along with my co-workers to obtain a purchase window, to no avail. By clicking on the "Purchase Tickets to Game X" tab, you were placed in what appeared to be a queue with a 120 second timer. It would count down and reload. The text on the page said not to reload as you'd go to the end of the queue. After a few 120 second cycles, the browser would hang for minutes and then crash. The big lie was that there was no queue. A gal next door clicked two hours after they went on sale and got right in and bought four tickets, without waiting in a queue.

There are a few thousand happy fans and ticket scalpers. I had no plans to sell the tickets, rather to take my two boys to a World Series game. The Colorado Rockies and their crappy technology let us down. I was so disappointed that I am to the point of not caring who wins the Series (though I'll still pull for the Rockies). Today, being one of those days where I have lost interest in all high-profile events and those the run them.

Congrats to those that got tickets. For those that tried and failed, I feel your pain.

Thanks Colorado for wasting around seven hours of my life on your crappy Web site.

Hunting: National Geographic States the Obvious

I have read every issue of the National Geographic since 1984. I still have every one of those issues (ought to sell those on eBay one of these days).

The November 07 issue has an article on hunters. Consider the key quotes:
"It's the hunters who keep most of these species going. They put in the money, and they put in the hours. Hunters really care about what happens."

"The irony is that many species might not survive at all were it not for hunters trying to kill them. The nation's 12.5 million hunters have become essential partners in wildlife management."
Hunters have known this for decades. It take the MSM years to acknowledge simple truths because this hurts their liberal agendas.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Hypocrisy Wins for Charity

The Original Harry Reid/Rush Limbaugh Smear Letter sold today on eBay for $2.1 million. Rush will match the $2.1 giving $4.2 million to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation (money for children of those lost during their service to the nation or communities).

This is the largest charity bid in the history of eBay surpassing Jay Leno's Harley which went for $800,000.

The winning bidder is Betty Casey, as trustee of the Eugene B. Casey Foundation and long-time Rush ditto-head. According to Rush...
She gives significant sums to hospitals, hospices, colleges, and private schools. These include the Eugene B. Casey Diabetes Education Center, The Eugene B. Casey Swim Center and the Eugene B. Casey Academic Center , and The Casey Home hospice. She has also donated tens of millions from the foundation and her personal funds to the Washington Opera.
Well done Harry Reid. I can only imagine that he will try to take some of the credit for the contribution. Now let's see how many in Congress will also match the contribution (and there are plenty in there with the means to do so).

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Free Birth Control for Middle Schoolers

I would have expected this in MA, CA and NY but Maine...
Pupils at a city middle school will be able to get birth control pills and patches at their student health center after the local school board approved the proposal Wednesday evening.

The plan, offered by city health officials, makes King Middle School the first middle school in Maine to make a full range of contraception available to students in grades 6 through 8, according to the state Department of Health and Human Services.

There are no national figures on how many middle schools, where most students range in age from 11 to 13, provide such services.
Are these people crazy? The fact we are even hearing about birth control for 11-13 year olds is shocking. Granted, there is bound to be a very limited number of 11-13 year olds at King Middle School who have had a sexual experience, but most have limited knowledge and no interest in having sex.

Should it be the school's and government's role to provide birth control to children? Absolutely not. It is sad to say, but this role should reside with the parents. Show me a parent that thinks their daughter needs to take birth control, I'll show you an insane parent.

This is another example of how liberalism is a mental disease. You can guarantee a conservative is not behind this. Explain to me why this social program is not completely insane.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Scary Partnership

A couple of goose-stepping comrades. Twenty-first century axis of power? Modern-day Hitler and Mussolini?

It is not out of the question that if Iran is armed with nuclear weapons, there would be the moderate propbability of WWIII, as George Bush said. Guess who's side Vladimir will be on?

Mrs. Bill Clinton Lacks Presidential Qualifications

We've heard it all over the conservative air waves; now a mjaor candidate finally comes out and says it: Mrs. Bill Clinton has no real qualifications to become our next president. (BTW, Obama is not much better.)

In an excerpt from Rudi Giuliani's interview on FOXNEWS's Hannity & Colmes, along with his wife on 10/16:
"Honestly, in most respects, I don't know Hillary's experience. She's never run a city, she's never run a state. She's never run a business. She has never met a payroll. She has never been responsible for the safety and security of millions of people, much less even hundreds of people.

"So I'm trying to figure out where the experience is here. It would seem to me that in a time of difficult problems and war we don't want on the job training for an executive. The reality is that these areas in which - maybe there are some areas in which she has experience but the areas of having the responsibility of the safety and security of millions of people on your shoulders is not something Hillary has ever had any experience with."
If she were not married to Bill Clinton and were not so power hungry, she would be as noteworthy as Lady Bird Johnson, Betty Ford, Nancy Reagan and Pat Nixon.

What is it with this 2008 presidential race? The two Democratic front-runners lack real leadership experience. For those leaning Democratic, anyone but a Republican must be the modus operandi. This, despite the risks associated with placing someone with no leadership experience in the most important role in national and global politics.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Federal Noose Law

The Jena 6 has spurred a new debate, lead by some of of our so-called civil rights leaders including Maxine Waters (D-CA), Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) and Rev. Al Sharpton. The debate is over the need for a federal anti-noose law.

A noose is used by racists on both sides of the "argument." Both popular artists and pro-white groups use the noose as a symbol. Regardless, when used as a racists statement, it shows poor taste. It implies lynching. We do not have a lynching problem in America. Do we need a national law banning nooses? Absolutely not.

Racists exists in all communities and within all races. However, racism is not a major problem in society as a whole. Certainly, there are still areas within the nation that still confront racism on a regular basis. But racism in the nation is the exception, not the norm.

We do not need a federal anti-noose law. The problem -- which I don't think it is a problem nor is it worthy of the attention it is getting -- is best addressed at the local or state level.

Impetuous legislation, at any level, is almost always imprudent.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Rockies to the World Series

Twenty-one of 22 straight games. Won-out during the regular season. Beat the Padres in a one game playoff. Swept the hot Phillies. Sweep the young, never quit Diamondbacks, winning Game 4 tonight 6-4 (after an eighth inning scare). They now await the winner of the Red Sox - Indians. I will try my best to be in Colorado on 27 October for Game 3 of the World Series.

Democrats, Armenians and Turkey

While tensions mount along the Iraqi-Turkish border, the Turkish government seeks parliamentary approval for authorizing military incursions into northern Iraq. The goal is to pursue Kurdish rebels who launch raids into Turkish territory from Iraqi Kurdistan.

Meanwhile the despicable Nancy Pelosi and her liberal cronies are attempting to push a resolution condemning Turkey for something that happened almost 100 years ago -- genocide of Armenians, by Ottoman Turks, mind you.

The timing is pure politics. They could not get the votes to withhold funding and get a troop withdrawal, so they are pulling an end-around. They goal is to tick-off the Turks so they will refuse access and transport to the U.S. troop in northern Iraq. The same people who complained about lack of body armour a few years ago are now hoping to stifle the supply lines.

Yes, this is one of our major political parties. This leadership and those that follow them are truly the enemy within.
To pluck one act of genocide from among the historical many to ensure a black eye for America is unconscionable. If the American anti-Bush side of Congress cared one whittle about genocide they would more readily expend energy condemning Germany for their destruction of millions of lives during the Holocaust, the Rwandans for the Hutu-Tutsi purge, the current genocides occurring in the Congo and the Sudan, Robert Mugabe’s assault on white farmers in Zimbabwe, the Arabic attacks against all things Christian and Jewish, the Chinese assaults in Tibet, the Myanmar massacre of Buddhist monks, the Syrian oppression of the Lebanese or the genocidal actions within the former Yugoslav territories. There are countless more poignant and more current options for wasting time on genocide labels.
The Democrats can only succeed if we fail in Iraq. The defeatist party continues to define itself on a daily basis. This time they are messing with human lives for pure political power purposes.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gooseberry Mesa Mountain Biking

On Saturday, my oldest daughter and I drove down from Cedar City, where she is attending college, to ride the Gooseberry Mesa mountain biking trail. We spent Friday afternoon riding around Three Peaks, northwest of Cedar -- a great set of trails.

I have ridden all over Utah -- the Wasatch Mountains, Moab, Brian Head, St. George. But I do think Gooseberry Mesa is my favorite. It has everything except long climbs and descents -- which have their appeals on certain days. But for pure single track mountain biking, that set of trails coupled with the view are splendid.

We did the classic 12+ mile loop. We took our time and it took us three hours. 75 degrees; no clouds; perfect.

My daughter did great -- kept up and had a blast. That's one that should be on everyone's must-ride list.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Calling a Sport Irrelevant

Yesterday as I was driving to see my daughter at college, I was listening to Sporting News Radio. The guy was discussing sports, as you'd expect from a sports talk show, and he came to the topic of baseball.

He was making fun of the TBS Sports commentators who covered the League Division Series and is now covering the NL Championship Series. He said they have their facts all wrong. He mentioned one: he said the TBS commentator, Chip Carey, was quoting inaccuracies. He said Carey said the Yankees erroneously led the "league" in home runs. He was wrong, they actually did lead the AL in team home runs this year. There were four NL teams with more home runs (Brewers, Phillies, Reds and Marlins). The SN guy apparently must think MBL is a league like the NFL. He then went on to say baseball was irrelevant and wanted to talk about the NFL instead.

I can accept the notion that for some (even most), baseball is not their favorite sport. America has become a football nation. From college football (which I love) and the NFL (which I like less and less each day), football has become the dominate sport. But calling baseball irrelevant is going a bit too far.

Just because the Mets tanked and the Yankees, Cubs and Angels lost in the Division Series does not make the postseason irrelevant for the entire nation. This year's MBL playoffs have been great. What the Rockies have done thus far is amazing, winning 19 of their last 20 games. They have built their team from homegrown talent, not through free agency like the Cubs, Red Sox and Yankees. They play great defense, get clutch hits, and have solid pitching. The fact they are giving a share of their post season pay to the widow and her two sons of their minor league manager who was killed in a freak accident during a game in Oklahoma, is heartwarming.

This year, the NFL has been boring. A few players have stood out, namely a few QBs, but most have been no-shows. Teams are no longer highlighting a single back or receiver. They are rotating backs and are playing 5-6 wide receivers. They do it for injuries and team contentment. (For NFL fantasy players, it is no longer fun.)

If anything, the NFL has become irrelevant. I am already tired of the media hyping a week six game between New England and Dallas as the super bowl. According to them, the season's over after this weekend. I am sure they will hype another game in the coming weeks as the end-all-game. To me, this year, the NFL has become boring -- average teams playing average football, with a few exceptional teams that are one injury away from becoming average; i.e., Brady and Manning.

For me, baseball is still the best. I just wish the TV stations would get their act together. Last night's game in Arizona ended at 02:45 am EDT.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Blackwater -- A Liberal Witch Hunt

The latest liberal rampage of bashing the American-based global security consultancy, Blackwater, is nothing more than a liberal witch hunt.
A Sept. 16 incident in which Blackwater guards are accused of opening fire on Iraqi civilians while driving through a main square in Baghdad. Blackwater contends its employees came under fire first, but the Iraqi government and witnesses have disputed that, saying the guards opened fire for no reason.
Is this a case of a thousand out of control mercenaries like the media would have us believe. Or could it be a few trigger-happy employees? Or were they really threatened and took action? Whatever the answer, do the investigation and knock it off already.

This incident is drop in the proverbial bucket. How many missions have these employees successfully fulfilled with no incident? Thousands. They are successful and I guess their heavy handed tactics -- getting the job done -- just is not good enough for the political limp-wrists.

What this incident has brought to our attention is how leveraged we are with guns-for-hire. The lucrative jobs Blackwater offers is attractive to current military personnel, who don't make all that much money. They can easily double their salary by transferring jobs and employers.

We need to seriously consider the costs of the $1 billion paid to Blackwater vs using our own soldiers.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Three Immigration Issues

Last week, I came across three articles dealing with illegal immigration: 1) the number of illegals in the U.S., 2) Mexican President Calderon's criticism of the fence, and 3)the prevalence of the Spanish language.

1) The government constantly quotes 12 million illegals; conservative talk radio say more like 20-35 million. Which is it? One study suggests a much higher number.
Californians for Population Stabilization released a study claiming there are 20 million to 38 million illegal immigrants in America, not the 12 million the federal government says.

Diana Hull, a behavioral scientist, president of Californians for Population Stabilization, said the federal government's alleged undercount of illegal immigrants is partly the result of mistrust. "We have a very large group of people who don't have the same feeling about responding to legitimate questions from their government," Hull said. "For example, large numbers of illegal immigrants living in a single house may not tell a census-taker how many people are really living there. The fact of the matter is they don't answer the question," she said.

The population figure presented by the group was tabulated by Fred Elbel, a computer specialist and anti-immigration activist from Colorado. The Social Contract Press, which published his report, also publishes racist works, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. [got like the add-on line about the racist work -- has nothing to do with the issue but cannot resist the gab.]
Both the government and the scientist have agendas. One can probably be safe somewhere in the middle: there are probably around 20 million illegals in the U.S.

2) Mexican President Felipe Calderon criticized the planned U.S. border fence designed to stem illegal immigration, saying countries should be "building bridges, not fences."
He said the way to stop illegal immigration is to build economic growth and opportunities in Mexico, not fences. He also said the exodus is not a boon to the Mexican economy because the country is losing ambitious young people.

He predicted the flow of Mexicans illegally crossing into the United States would decrease, possibly within a decade, as Mexico's economy grew. "I want to build the conditions in Mexico to provide the opportunities here in our land."
These are good statements from the President of Mexico. If they can address their corruption, education, infrastructure and economy, there will be fewer emigrants. But given the state of Mexico, this is going to take generations, if ever. Calderon do your job. In the meantime, Congress, fund the fence!

3) A recent poll by ABC News "Good Morning America" reported that a third of people who hear others who speak mainly in Spanish are bothered; two-thirds are not bothered.
Being bothered by Spanish isn't affected by how often people hear it, meaning other factors are at play. People bothered by Spanish are those who are more apt to call for stricter immigration rules and to have negative views on immigration generally, particularly on illegal immigration.
I have no problem with any immigrate speaking to their family and friends in their native language. What Americans should have a problem with is using tax dollars for creating materials and providing services to these people in their native languages.

We'll always need some help for legal immigrants but catering to illegals in their language is ridiculous. Private businesses can provide materials and services in any language they choose. The government should not prevent them from catering to their targeted demographics. However, they risk ostracizing their English-speaking customers -- its their business decision.

English should be our national language, mainly for government-related purposes.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Electronic vs Physical Theft

The past week, Jammie Thomas, a 30 year old single mother from Minnesota, was ordered to pay $220,000 dollars for sharing 24 songs online. This is $9,250 per song or $110,000 per album (CD).
She elected to fight it out with the recording industry instead of settling out of court for far less money. The ensuing legal battle marked the first time the recording industry has argued a file-sharing case before a jury.

Since 2003, many of the 26,000 persons sued by the Recording Industry Assoc. of America (RIAA) have avoided litigation by agreeing to pay a few thousand dollars.
She claimed she did not download the songs. Assuming she did, as the jury determined, she would have been better off walking into a store and stealing the CD. The penalty for shoplifting is much less severe than electronic downloading.

Jurors ruled against Thomas based on the fact that she had only made files available. Apparently, the RIAA and the law assumes intent to distribute, even is there is none. The jury decided it does not matter who was sharing music on a computer because the user (downloader) was in her house and was using her account.

The penalty does not match the crime. It is too harsh.

We have an entire generation growing up that has never paid for music. Right and wrong certainly come into play but convincing a teen with little money that they need to pay $12-18 for CD for the one or two songs they want is a tough road, given the alternatives. iTunes has certainly helped, fulfilling consumer desires for purchasing individual songs.

The RIAA is truly going after the average "Joe" and "Jane," trying to send a message. Will it impact the volume of downloading? Absolutely not. So what's the purpose?

Friday, October 05, 2007

World Better Off If America Losses In Iraq?

A FOX News/Opinion Dynamics poll conducted by telephone during the evening of September 25-26, 2007 with 900 registered voters nationwide (margin of error ±3%), provides some embarrassing results, mainly for Democrats.

Consider one question: Do you personally think the world would be better off if the United States loses the war in Iraq? (Yes / No / Don’t know)
-- Democrats - 19% / 62% / 20%
-- Republicans - 5% / 87% / 8%
-- Independents - 7% / 76% / 17%

Overall, 11 percent of Americans think the world would be better off if the U.S. lost the war, and 73 % disagree.

Would those same people say the same thing about Hitler/Mussolini and Imperial Japan? Hopefully not. What about the Cold War and war against communism? Some as there are plenty of communist sympathizers within the Democrat party.

Bottom line: 1/5th of Democrats are losers (1/20th of Republicans). They have a place in their hearts for Islamo-fascists, although they probably have an issue with 20th century German and Italian fascists. Go figure. A mental disorder? Most likely.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Recognized IDs

The other days as I passed through airport security, I presented my ID. The ID I often choose to display is my Concealed Firearm Permit. It is a state issued (Department of Public Safety) ID with photo and expiration (they last for 5 years). Most of the time, they say okay and let me pass. Sometimes they ask "are you carrying?" This time, the TSA agent asked for a driver license. Because I was running late, I did not argue and showed her my driver license. Their rules state that the traveler must identify themselves with a government-issued photo ID; both driver license and CFP suffice.

A CFP is harder to get and keep than a driver license. The state is constantly (every 24 hours) scanning the CFP holders' names against any criminal database. Maintaining that Permit is not hard but it is scrutinized more so than a driver license holder.

Consider what they are doing in New York state, one a number of states with liberal identification policies. Governor Eliot Spitzer and a large group of Democratic lawmakers are in favor of a new policy allowing illegal immigrants to obtain New York driver’s licenses. What possible rationale would justify this outrageous policy? It is only logical that it deals with money and votes.

Since the Democrats are the party of spend, they need money they'll get from the licensing for their desired welfare programs. They also know that an enslaved group of people will tend to vote Democratic.

This has nothing to do with anti-immigration. It deals with the rule of law, security and sanity.

The fact we are debating the roles and rights of illegal immigrates in America is insane. They are illegal.

Secure the borders. Enforce the labor laws. Address the immigration visa quotas if those bodies are needed for jobs Americans will not do. Make sure everyone has proper identification based on their citizenship and work status.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Rockies Win, Rockies Win!

The Rockies took its fans (as did the Padres) on an emotional roller coaster. Last night's National League Wildcard Tiebreaker was one of the best games I have seen in years. It took thirteen innings, but the Rockies did the unthinkable: rallying with three runs in the bottom of the 13th off of the all-time saves leader Trevor Hoffman, after giving up two go ahead runs in the top of the 13th.

The starter, Josh Fogg and probable Cy Young winner Jake Peavy, were less than stellar. Into both teams' bullpens, the Rockies were ahead 6-5 in the 8th when Rockies left fielder Matt Holliday misplayed a Brian Giles hit, giving the Padres the tying run.

The relievers held serve into the 13th. But Jorge Julio gave up a two-run home run to Scott Hairston, putting the Padres up 8-6. Ramon Ortiz, how hadn't appeared for over two weeks, came in and did not allow any more runs.

For the most part, Hoffman is lights out, automatic. However, he blew a save against the Brewers that could have placed them in the wildcard, avoiding this tiebreaker. Kaz Matsui lead off the 13th with a double to right-center. Troy Tulowitzki (the forthcoming NL rookie of the year) doubled to left-center, scoring Matsui. Matt Holliday (the should-be NL MVP) tripled, driving in Tulowitzki. Todd Helton was walked, bringing up singles-hitting Jamey Carroll. He hit a line drive to right, deep enough for Holliday to score (or did he?) after tagging. Regardless, the Rockies won 9-8, sending them to the NL Division Series against the Phillies (another hot team).

I think the Rockies will beat the Phillies and the Cubs will beat the Diamondbacks in the NL. In the AL, I hope the Indians beat the Yankess (but I doubt it) and the Angels will beat the Red Sox.

I hope the Indians make it to the World Series but I think it will be the Yankees hosting the Rockies. And the Rockies will win it in six games. (Sure would love to see an Indians-Rockies World Series.)

I can't get excited about anything involving the Yankees or Red Sox. Nor would I be overly happy for the Cub fans -- terrible group of undeserving fans -- despite their years of frugality.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Democrats Going After Limbaugh

This is embarrassing. I thought only the Republican made stupid PR moves. This anti-Limbaugh must be based on the assumption that if the MSM reports on a story, the bulk of the listeners will just associated Rush with some right-winger.

Does Scary Reid really think it is worth Senate time denouncing a political commentator? Because Rush is the largest and he happens to be conservative in nature, everything about him is fair game, according to these liberal politicians, from his Oxycontin problems to anti-cigar campaign (Rush being one of the most celebrated smoker).
Democrats on Monday called on the chief executive of Clear Channel Communications to denounce remarks by radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, whom they say made a “hateful” and “unpatriotic” attack on U.S. troops opposed to the war in Iraq.
I listen to all sorts of talk radio from politics to sports. Rush has been on my dial for over ten years. I like Rush. He's one of the best at his craft. Rush is not hateful and is not unpatriotic.
“If anybody in this country has been trying to demoralize the troops, it is you, sir, and your members of the Democrat Party,” Limbaugh said. “You have waved the white flag of defeat.”
I cannot imagine any person who listens to Rush would ever accuse him of lacking patriotism. Thus, the message is not geared toward his listeners; it is geared to those who don't listen to him but have developed their opinion because of his haters.

This proves the point that the typical Democratic voter is a dolt. They take their direction from the doctors of spin -- the Democratic leadership, misguided liars.